Teaching online for schools

Empowering Online & Blended Learning

A solution for schools and education institutions

Use our online learning solution to provide your students with an improved learning experience.

This blended model of learning has shown in studies to increase student engagement, attendance and performance.

Three possible options to suit your needs.

Your Own Online Campus for your School

Everything that you need to start your own Online Campus, so you only has to worry about learning and teaching

Built on the same technological platform that millions already use to learn every day, our Online Campus provides you a simple, flexible and friendly learning and teaching experience to evolve online and blended learning to meet their goals.

Courses are designed and taught by you according to your needs and aligned with the vision of your institutions.

Transforming Education

Teaching Online in ynnoova Learning Hub


Start teaching your own online courses using our learning online platform and courses

The easy and faster way to start teaching online. We will provide you with your own online courses branded with your institutions logos.

Your teachers and educators can start teaching online in ynnoova Learning Hub personalizing the learning experience for your own students.

School Partner, teaching together to empower learning 

 Help your students to achieve their learning goals through affordable and accessible online education

Becoming an School Partner is free and your students will have access to our online courses at competitive prices to achieve their learning goals.

School partners have accessed to affiliate-exclusive coupons, discounts and unique content for their students.

School Partners