professional development

Experience the Power of e-learning

Online courses are an excellent way of enabling staff to conveniently undergo training at their own pace from the comfort of their home or office

ynnoova fosters and supports your staff training and professional development by providing innovative, high-quality online training programs for your workforce.

We provide you self-paced training available from anywhere and anytime that helps your employees to achieve their learning goals and professional development.

Online Training Courses for Professional Development

A simple, flexible and friendly learning experience to support your staff training and professional development

ynnoova provides online courses for continuing professional development built on the same technological platform that millions already use to learn every day.

Online training courses can be delivered to a group of staff with the advantage of allowing existing course material to be tailored to your particular needs and aligned with the vision of your organisation.


Employee benefit for ynnoova Partners


 Help your employees to achieve their learning goals through affordable and accessible online education

Becoming an ynnoova Partner is free and your employees will have access to our online courses at competitive prices to achieve their learning goals.

ynnoova partners have accessed to exclusive coupons, discounts and unique content for their employees, without any cost for your organisation.