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Our courses are designed to prepare your students for the Cambridge English exam and to develop their English language skills for the individual sections which the Cambridge exam comprises.


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The Cambridge Exam Preparation courses are designed to prepare your students for the Cambridge English exam and to develop their English language skills for the individual sections which the Cambridge exam comprises.

In the Cambridge exam preparation courses you will prepare your students about how the exams works, what the examiners will be looking for and you will get plenty of past exam papers to practise the exact question types they will see in the exam in conditions that are similar to those of the real Cambridge exam.

Cambridge Exam Preparation Courses for Schools

  • Initial Assessment Level Test
  • Focus on improving skills and exam technique
  • Online practice exam papers to complete at your own pace

  • Full mock exams prepared and corrected to Cambridge standards
  • Online courses branded with your institutions logos
  • Instructed by your own teachers personalising the learning experience for your students

Through the course, learners will become familiar with each part of the exam and will develop proven strategies and approaches to ensure optimum exam performance.

Our specialised online examination preparation course complements you existing English language learning programme and makes preparing for examinations both fun and effective by using challenging and engaging activities from past exam papers.

The course will help students practise English language skills and the exam techniques needed to pass the corresponding Cambridge exam.

Content and Focus

Our Online Exam Preparation Courses provide week-by-week practice designed to help your students stay on track right up until the last day. The course learning material is organised into weekly blocks starting with a Course Introduction and an Initial Assessment Level Test on the first week.

Every following week a new Practice Exam Paper will be provided to your students, with several activities each, in order to practise the exact question types they will see in the exam in conditions that are similar to those of the real Cambridge exam.

The best way to prepare for the Cambridge examination

  • Online practice exam papers made in the same way as the real exam using the same sort of questions and answers

  • Full mock online exams prepared and corrected to Cambridge standards
  • Your own English teacher will be able to monitor their student's progress and provide them  feedback and advice on areas they need to improve
  • Flexible course duration and content availability according to your needs
  • A fun and motivating supplement to exam coursebooks and practice books

These courses provide comprehensive preparation and practice for all exam papers based on the completion of more than 50 different activities from past exam papers that covers all different exam parts.

Watch this video to learn how to navigate and get the most out of the course and to know the typical structure and content you will find in our courses.

Our specialised examination preparation course complements you existing English language learning programme and makes preparing for examinations both fun and effective by using challenging and engaging activities from past exam papers.

Each of the Online Practice Exams available on the course comprises of the same number of  papers and parts than the official Cambridge examination.

Reading & Use of English Shows student can deal confidently with different types of text, such as fiction, newspapers and magazines how well you can control your grammar and vocabulary.
Writing Requires student to be able to produce two different pieces of writing, such as letters, reports, reviews and short stories.
Listening Requires student to be able to follow and understand a range of spoken materials, such as news programmes, presentations and everyday conversations.


Tests student's ability to communicate effectively in face-to-face situations.


After one of our exam preparation courses, your students will be able to tackle the exam with complete confidence.

Course Delivery Options

The Cambridge FIRST Certificate in English (FCE) Exam Preparation course is an online course combined with learner supports delivered by your English Tutor/Teacher.

The following course delivery options are available allowing education centres to teach at their own pace and at times that suit them.

Course Editions

Course Dates Sept. - Dec. January - June June - August
Learning Modules

1 modules/week

1 modules/week
2 modules/week
English Tutor/Teacher icon-person icon-person icon-person
Teacher Gradebook tick-circle-frame tick-circle-frame tick-circle-frame
Student Gradebook tick-circle-frame tick-circle-frame tick-circle-frame
Private Messaging System tick-circle-frame tick-circle-frame tick-circle-frame
Class Discussion Forum tick-circle-frame tick-circle-frame tick-circle-frame
Social Networks Integration tick-circle-frame tick-circle-frame tick-circle-frame
Initial Assessment Test  tick-circle-frame tick-circle-frame tick-circle-frame
English Video Lessons  tick-circle-frame tick-circle-frame tick-circle-frame
Mini-grammar Lessons tick-circle-frame tick-circle-frame tick-circle-frame
Grammar Practice Quizzes tick-circle-frame

Cambridge Practice Exam

3 full mock exam 3 full mock exams 3 full mock exams

Practice Exam Papers

12 papers
12 papers
12 papers

Reading & Use of English

21 tests 21 tests 21 tests


tests tests tests


12 tests 12 tests 12 tests


12 tests 12 tests 12 tests


Benefits for English Teachers

The philosophy behind our Online Exam Preparation Courses is to provide quality learning resources in a friendly online learning campus so you and your teachers require the minimum of effort to implement and use them.

Unlike many static self-study resources (e.g. books, cd-roms, etc.) your students get new practice material on a weakly basis to encourage and help your students stay on track right up until the last day. Furthermore, they cannot race ahead of you or other students. Our aim is to create focused, independent learners and to relieve busy teachers like yourself from some of the pressure.

Benefits for your English Teachers

  • Automatic delivery of new Practice Exam Papers to your students on a weekly basis
  • Full mock online exams prepared and corrected to Cambridge standards
  •  Automatic correction of Reading, Use of English and Listening activities according to Cambridge standards
  • Assisted correction of Writing and Speaking activities based on standard Cambridge assessment rubric
  • Monitor online student's progress and provide them  feedback and advice

English Teachers can monitor online student's progress to make sure that they are progressing at the correct rate. Teachers have access to individual results of each student provided with detailed answer so they know what their strengths and weaknesses are.  Student's results are graded/scored according to Cambridge standard for each full practice exam to show how well they have done.

Flexible teacher allocation to online courses allowing multiple teachers to be assigned to the same student group and/or to split a student group into different sections within a course with a different teacher each.

Students and Teachers can use the Online Learning Campus to communicate each other via the secure and private messaging system to ask any questions they might have about the course or the exam

Service Prices for Schools

Cambridge Exam Preparation Resources for Schools are online courses and materials that are available at four separate Cambridge exam levels:

  • Preliminary English Test (PET)
  • First Certificate in English (FCE)
  • Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)
  • Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE)

All prices are in euros (€) and are for access to one exam level online course - PET, FCE, CAE or CPE. Prices are based on the size of institution, according to the maximum number students enrolled in the online courses and number of course editions per year (please, contact us if you have any doubt). 

Included VAT and taxes.

Course Editions

Small Schools

1-20 students

Medium Schools

20-40 students

Large Schools

40-60 students
Course Fee
1 Edition 249.00 €
189.00 €
349.00 €
249.00 €
449.00 €
349.00 €
Pack Duo
2 Editions 15% discount on standard Course Fee
Full Year Pack 3 Editions 25 % discount on standard Course Fee

One-off fee per Education Centre 
No cost per student 

The Online Cambridge Exam Preparation courses are available on the online learning campus, using a login, from any computer connected to internet.

Included Services for Schools and Education Institutions

  • Year-long access to one exam level Cambridge Exam Preparation Course
  • Online course branded with your institution logos
  • Unlimited teacher accounts for your online course

  • Independent account for each student allowing you to control student progress individually

  • Free access to any new added online material and exam papers
  • Flexible course time set up according to your needs
  • Course and User Management & Administration
  • Dedicated email account for Help-desk and Support
  • Initial Assessment Level Test for new students
  • A minimum of 12 practice exam papers provided to your students on a weekly basis
  • Practice exams papers corrected according to Cambridge standards
  • Automatic and assisted correction to standardized grading and reduce workload for teachers
  • Secure and private messaging system for teachers and students
  • Online training course for new teachers

Please contact us to request a free account to evaluate our service and content.

Discount Partnership Programme for Education

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For schools and education institutions who only need to provide a complementary online learning programme, our education partnership gives students in your school, educational institution or organization the ability to complete an high-quality online course, helping your students to achieve their learning goals through affordable and accessible online education.

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Free Evaluation Account

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